“… should you venture into their domain, you will be handsomely treated to a feast of beautiful
 classical and contemporary stylings in courageous exploration and bold, unpredictable drama.”

Marta Robertson-SmythArtist

“The thump of the shoes, the twirling skirts… Raíces y Alas fills the senses. I was
 spellbound by the raw emotion of the dancers and musicians, they were unafraid to push 
themselves wholeheartedly into the moment.”

Charlene DaleyVocational Trainer

“It’s rare to see and feel such a sense of shared community embracing both the artists and the audience.

Tony MontagueArts Reporter and Reviewer

“It was hard to know where to cast my eyes because I wanted to take in all of the richness…”

Sandra Vander SchaafAuthor and Photographer

“It was a treat to witness this energetic & supportive community first hand…Thank you for giving the artists & the audiences a chance to grow their wings.

Dayna SzyndrowskiTap Dancer, “Raíces y Alas” artist 2013, 2015, 2016

“I found the whole show highly affecting and moving… the absolute commitment of the performers and the spirit of play/solemnity that ran throughout the night.”

Sharon TamaroResearch Officer/Epidemiologist

“Never shook my head so much in disbelief at the genius and generic breaking concepts… I loved it. Raíces y Alas is so needed in Vancouver.

Shyiang StrongFlamenco Dancer, “Raíces y Alas” artist 2010

“… I have been thinking about each individual piece, non-stop, since leaving the theatre.”

Julie CochraneGraphic Artist

“Every year was a different creation from the last. I enjoyed the variety of artists that came 
together to make dance and music magic.”

Natalie HobbsContemporary Dancer, “Raíces y Alas” artist 2010, 2011