The Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project was conceived as a platform for the exploration of the traditions of the art of flamenco and its contemporary expansion in Canada – fertile ground for cultivating the evolution of flamenco as a globally-recognised art form.

Now in its sixth year, the Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project is a growing, experimental flamenco performance series. Since its theatre debut in 2010, it has given participating artists (flamenco and non-flamenco alike) a unique opportunity to present new and avant-garde material.

Work done for these shows is under professional circumstances, with professionally compensated artists, stage management, and technical support. It is the only project of its kind in Canada.

Although best known for their stage work, the members of the Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project frequently work in smaller tablaos (flamenco venues) as well as unconventional performance spaces around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

In seeking new modes of expression through collaboration with dancers and musicians from within and beyond the usual scope of flamenco, the Raíces y Alas Flamenco Project has included traditional flamenco groups as well as artists from other disciplines.