Traditional, Contemporary, and Innovative Flamenco

“The thump of the shoes, the twirling skirts… Raíces y Alas fills the senses.”

Charlene DaleyVocational Trainer

“It’s rare to see and feel such a sense of shared community…

Tony MontagueArts Reporter and Reviewer

“… a feast of beautiful
 classical and contemporary stylings in courageous exploration…”

Marta Robertson-SmythArtist

“It was hard to know where to cast my eyes because I wanted to take in all of the richness…”

Sandra Vander SchaafAuthor and Photographer

“It was a treat to witness this energetic & supportive community first hand…”

Dayna SzyndrowskiTap Dancer, “Raíces y Alas” artist 2013, 2015, 2016

“I found the whole show highly affecting and moving…”

Sharon TamaroResearch Officer/Epidemiologist

“Never shook my head so much in disbelief at the genius and generic breaking concepts…”

Shyiang StrongFlamenco Dancer, “Raíces y Alas” artist 2010

“… I have been thinking about each individual piece, non-stop, since leaving the theatre.”

Julie CochraneGraphic Artist

“I enjoyed the variety of artists that came 
together to make dance and music magic.”

Natalie HobbsContemporary Dancer, “Raíces y Alas” artist 2010, 2011